Thermalution / Why Abyss Scuba Diving

June to September is the best time to learn to dive

With Sydney water temperatures starting drop, the cold can be a deterring factor for a lot of divers, both new and experienced. Winter diving is my favourite type of diving! The colder waters in the winter actually help contribute to the better visibility we get in the winter. To enjoy the best diving that Sydney has to offer, your best bet is to find a way to protect yourself against the cold!


Stay warm while enjoying the great visibility

The thermalution heated vests are a great option to help fight the cold. We’ve been finding that it’s a great addition to your current thermal protection and helps give you that added warmth for those longer winter dives! Or a lot of our divers are even finding that they don’t need to wear as many layers or as thick wetsuits as they usually do in the winter and thus can reduce the amount of lead they need to wear, which can help improve your diving experience, especially when shore diving! And can even help improve your air consumption!

Gearing up with the Thermalution vest

Gearing up with the Thermalution vest

To help improve the experience for our beginning, learn to dive students, and help keep them warm throughout the winter, we’ve started using the thermalution heated vests for our ocean dives during the openwater learn to dive course. So far our students are loving them and are able to focus on just how awesome Sydney winter diving can be rather than the 15-17 degrees we’re experiencing at the moment!

Don’t put off learning to dive, come diving with us and stay warm and see more!