Tips for using a Thermalution Heated Undergarment

Thermalution Tips

Whether you’re diving with your thermalution daily, storing it for a while, traveling long distances, or just want to make sure you get the most out of your thermalution, here are few tips in taking care of your thermalution:

lithium polymer batteries used with Thermalution


  • Don’t transport your thermalution with the batteries still plugged in
  • It’s best to put them in an empty mask box or something else that will protect the pins from getting broken while transporting
  • Don’t plug the two batteries together
  • Be careful not to bend or snap the golden pins on the end of the batteries – this is not covered under warranty
  • Make sure you wash your batteries in fresh water after every use
  • Dry the batteries fully before plugging them in to charge
  • Plug the batteries in all the way to get a full charge out of them – make sure they go straight in though! Do not bend the pins!
  • If you find the batteries are hard to plug in, spray with a bit of silicone spray – it decreases the likelihood of you breaking the pins!
  • Store batteries away from metal
  • Don’t keep the batteries in the suit once fully drained
  • Avoid high impact on the batteries as they can cause damage
  • Turn off the suit before removing the batteries
  • Don’t store in humid environments
  • Fully charge and discharge the batteries every 2-3 months if storing for long periods
    • When discharging, soak the suit in cold water, don’t leave unattended
    • Don’t discharge batteries in warm environments or close to heat
    • Lay the suit flat, unfold, don’t put weights on top of the suit


Thermalution vest

Thermalution Vest


  • Hand wash with wetsuit shampoo (do not Machine wash)
  • Hang dry on a broad hanger, do not twist
  • If there’s a cord, wrap around the hanger, so it doesn’t pull and put stress on the heating cords
  • Don’t bunch or over-fold the vest as it bunches up the cords in the back and if bunched up too much can cause the wires to dislodge from the heating module in the back of the vest