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Bare Island – The Playboy Mansion for Port Jackson Sharks

Port Jackson sharks spend most of their life on the ocean floor at depths ranging from 100 to 250 meters. Living in relative isolation from one another males and females congregate only once a year in much shallower waters to mate; and as you can imagine, there’s allot of catching up to do.

Around July-August of each year an orgy takes place in the shallows of Bare Island that’s simply not to be missed.

Best witnessed at night, diving Bare Island at this time of year is sure not to disappoint. It’s here within cave and on rocky ledge that you will witness the mass gathering of Port Jackson sharks writhing upon and a top one another – blissfully ignorant to the presence of a divers torch light and gaze.

To see so many sharks blissfully huddled and cuddled around one another is a site to behold and great for underwater photographers. Bare Island is a fantastic dive site all year round but come July and August of each and every year the waters start to bubble with love, for the Port Jackson sharks are in town.

If you want to experience this spectacle for yourself be sure to come on one of our Port Jackson Shark dives…..

Head to Head with a Port Jackson Shark

Head to Head with a Port Jackson Shark