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Going Down on the Lady Darling


A group of the Abyss Instructors headed down to Narooma on Monday with a mission… our mission was to find the Lady Darling wreck , as it had not been dived by a charter company for many years, and we wanted to get the mooring line fixed so that we can run a Lady Darling Trip in November.  We are happy to say we were successful and had an excellent couple of dives.

The last time I dived this wreck was 12 years ago and out of the 16 people on board the boat with less than half of them made it to the wreck as the current was so strong. This time the dive was very different. We were lucky enough to have super flat seas, very little current and 20m + visibility.

Lady Darling

The Wreck of the Lady Darling

The Lady Darling is sitting in 30m and is completely covered in growth and swarmed by loads and loads of fish. The vessel went down in November 1880 on route from Newcastle to Melbourne and was not found until 1996 and is now just off Montague Island in Narooma. The Lady Darling is a big wreck well over 100m long that is split in half. There are a lot of wrecks to see if you can manage to see through the fish on it.  You can actually stand under the rudder.

You can actually stand under the rudder

Standing under the Rudder

On the dive, we saw over 30 Port Jackson sharks, a wobby shark, lots of moray eels, beautiful coloured jewelled anominies, sea tulips, loads of yellow tail, white ears, mowong, and octopus honestly, it was just covered in fish.
We plan to get back down there at the end of August to finalise the mooring, etc. so we can have our trip in November happen. So if you want to do this great dive, we have a Lady Darling Trip, specifically for more experienced divers in November. It is based on the Lady Darling and Auginsh Reef.

Lady Darling Bower

The Lady Darling is just covered in fish