Dive Gear

One is Better than Two

Since I learnt to dive I have seen the Internet come to Australia, the advent of google, and now I have a telephone which fits in my pocket and have more computing power that on the Apollo 11 when I watched it take Neil Armstrong to the moon. In the same time period, I have seen significant advances in dive equipment making diving more enjoyable and safer.

When I learnt to dive the octopus regulator was relatively rare, and it was the universal introduction of the octopus that one of the more significant changes which increased the safety of diving. The evolution of ocy has resulted into the development of the integrated alternate air sources which combined the alternate air with the inflator mechanism on a diver’s buoyancy compensator.   The inflator regulator system eliminates the need to search in an emergency for an octo that is rarely used. At the same time; it reduces the number of hoses on a diver’s regulator.

Oceanic Air Xs
My choice of inflator regulators is the Oceanic Air Xs. The Air Xs low profile, streamlined package which is ergonomic design for ease of use. The Air XS 2   incorporates a fail-safe downstream demand valve regulator for ease of breathing. The Large Purge Cover makes clearing water from the Air Xs fast and easy, regardless of the emergency situation,  The orthodontic silicone mouthpiece provides comfort, while the high-flow  quick-disconnect hose assures ample air supply for inflation while breathing from  the Air XS.

The corrugated hose has a cable activated pull dump mechanism that makes deflation of the BCD quick and easy. The Integrated overpressure relief valve located on the shoulder automatically-vents excess pressure from the BCD during ascent by pulling down on the inflator mechanism, or vents off excessive pressure if over pressurized with power inflation.

The Oceanic Air Xs inflator regulator is a key piece of dive equipment in the evolution of dive equipment in making scuba diving a safer and more enjoyable recreational activity.