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Ladies diving day


Ladies Dive Day at Little Bay

Ladies Dive Day at Little Bay

Spring has sprung and the first Saturday of the season produced a cracking day for a dive. Forget Ladies Day at the races – that is so over! Now it’s all about having a ladies diving day. Instead of flinging heels over your shoulder as you nauseously stumble barefoot towards the jam-packed taxi rank, fling those fins off after a revitalising dive and tuck in to a picnic of cheese and wine!

The location was Little Bay in Sydney’s east, just north of La Perouse. This dive is best done in a small group due to the limited street parking available, but considering the beautiful weather, it was still relatively easy to find a spot not too far from the briefing area. There’s a handy toilet and bubbler on the way to the site, which is down some stairs to the beach and to the right. It’s an easy dive for all levels, entering from the sand.

Visibility in this region is great, because it’s a heavy sand that doesn’t stir up too easily. Usually you would be able to swim out to the mouth of the bay, up and over the rocks, and into the open water. But it was a pretty rough sea and we all agreed that should we need to surface out there, it would be difficult to make our way back, so we decided to stick to the bay. This proved to be a good decision considering the surge by the time we finished the dive. You also need to be on the lookout for fishing line as it’s a popular rock fishing site, but due to the crashing waves the fishermen were smart enough to give it a miss on Saturday.

Though not a deep dive (the depth within the bay ranges from 3m-6m depending on tides and is great for snorkelling on calm days), it was so relaxing as we explored the bay. We spotted a curious octopus, nudibranchs, an estuary catfish and numerous golf balls. The site is located right next to the golf course, but it still seems like you’d have to be a pretty poor shot to end up out there (says the non-golfer)! Unfortunately we also spotted some rubbish, so on a future dive I’d look at taking a mesh bag and doing a bit of a cleanup. But all-in-all, the dive was great and a super-chilled way to spend a Saturday morning.

We surfaced with plenty of air, but we were all pretty keen to crack open the champers our divemaster Samantha had brought along. We made our way back up to the street (utilising a very handy shower on our way up the stairs to rinse off our sandy boots), packed away the gear and got stuck into our picnic – a big thanks to Sam for the wine, cheese, cupcakes, biscuits, hair conditioner, moisturiser and cuticle cream! It was such a good idea – Sam had a few thermoses of warm water and added in some conditioner, which we poured over our hair to get rid of that initial post-dive saltiness and prevent the inevitable battle to get knots out in the shower later. The moisturiser and cuticle cream were an added bonus and I have to say, it was nice to feel girly and not smell like salt and neoprene!

A great way to celebrate women in diving, be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for the next scheduled Ladies Day. Say goodbye to silly hats and painful heels, and hello to a fun way to get fit, make new friends, and appreciate the awesome diving Sydney has to offer.