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The Port Jackson Sharks of Cape Solander

port Jackson Shark

Diving Cape Solander

Cape Solander, named after colonial botanist Daniel Solander, is truly one of Sydney’s best attractions. The views of the ocean are stunning and it is the perfect spot for whale watching. Best of all it has absolutely spectacular diving!!

The swell and direction of the tide need to be considered before jumping in, but if the seas are flat and the tide is incoming you will be in for a real treat. As with all dives, remember to assess the conditions carefully before entering the water and talk to the staff at Abyss before diving this site for the first time.

The visibility at Cape Solander can be up to 30m and it is one of the deeper Sydney shore dives you can do. The formations of the reef, awesome swim throughs and abundance of sea life make this dive unforgettable and one that you will definitely want to do again and again.

One critter that you are sure to see at this magical dive site is the Port Jackson Shark. Port Jackson sharks (PJ’s), which can be easily confused with the similar looking Crested Horn, are the complete opposite of what most people imagine sharks to be like. PJ’s are endearing, cute and placid creatures that you can get pretty close to if you move slowly. For all the photographers out there, PJ’s make great subjects because you can get fairly close to them if you move slowly. As always, remember to look but not touch. They have a spine in front of each dorsal fin, so although they are not aggressive you still need to be careful and respectful.

The best time to see PJ’s is during July and August because it is their mating season, but some still hang around until November. In a lucky coincidence, winter happens to be the best time to dive Cape Solander because the conditions tend to be calmer then. Checkout Abyss’ dive calendar and book onto the next dive at Cape Solander to experience this truly superb Sydney dive site.

Port Jackson Shark