Solomon Islands Liveaboard Trip

Aaron Ward

Battle Of Gaudalcanal – Aaron Ward

The Aaron Ward was a US Navy destroyer, built in 1942 and first commissioned to support logistical operations in the Pacific, including those in the Battle of Midway and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

She was involved in numerous troop transports and heavy gun fights over the 12 months following her construction, none more famous than those in the Naval_Battle_Of_Guadalcanal , where she eventually met her demise on the 7th April 1943 at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Fleet occupying the area.

The Aaron Ward received four battle stars for her service in World War 2.

She now sits upright in the Iron Bottom Sound, Solomon Islands, where the Battle Of Guadalcanal took place. She sits at a depth between 55m at the bow to just over 70m on the sea floor. It is easy to see the damage inflicted during her final days of battle, but otherwise, she is in remarkably good condition. She is considered one of best wreck dives worldwide and is on most deep wreck divers bucket lists!

Why not join us in June 2016 to dive the Aaron Ward and other wrecks from the Battle Of Guadalcanal.