Marine Life

Weird fish of Sydney

Down in the deepest parts of the ocean nature can be extremely unusual, often ugly is an understatement. However most people don’t realise that many open water dive sites can contain just as unusual and ugly creatures as the depths. With oversized mouths or mind blowing patterns the underwater world can be a bizarre place. Here are just few of the unusual species you may be lucky enough to encounter once you strap on that scuba tank.

The Stargazer
As you may guess the name of this fish can tell you a lot. A stargazers “face” is in such a different position to what we as humans are used to seeing that the first time you happen upon one you will likely be gobsmacked. The facial position is akin to having your mouth and eyes on your scalp but still needing to walk forward. The Stargazer does this so that when it buries itself in the sandy sea floor it can see and instantly grab any prey that unfortunately swim overhead. With a single gulp from a massive mouth your average fish has become dinner.
The Anglerfish
Again the name is a great description, these fish represent your average fisherman, they perch on any underwater structure and attempt to blend in. Now when an animal such as a local shrimp moves near, the Anglerfish casts out a small lure from the crown of its head, wiggling it close to the prey it attracts a good amount of attention. Once the curious victim is lured close enough the enormous mouth opens and in a single bite a meal is consumed. This lure combined with the odd way the angler walks instead of swims make it not only an ugly fish but a fascinating once as well. They are definitely a favourite among photographers.
angler fish
The Cowfish
Cowfish aren’t ugly, unless you find cows ugly that is. Without having seen a cowfish describing how a fish can look like a cow can seem a difficult task. Cowfish havew two horns and are rather box like in shape thus why they were named after our bovine friends. The difference is though that they can be spectacularly coloured with electric blues and yellows like no other animal.
ornate cowfish
The Weedy Seadragon
By far the most amazing is the Weedy Seadragon. Very few animals can be described as looking like a mythical creature that was created long before they had been discovered. WIth a long mouth representing a dragon’s snout, small fins akin to wings and the elongated body synonymous with a flying dragon they really do possess a stark resemblance, apart from the fire breathing that is.
Weedy Seadragon
So get out there and see what other weird and wonderful animals exist beneath the sea!!