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Organising Your Cairns Trips

In Australia, we are very lucky with such great diving available and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most commonly asked question to the Abyss Staff regarding dive travel is who to dive with when I head up to Cairns.

All the Abyss staff are scuba instructors who have dived the reef and can help you in decide on your best option. We are here to assist you with all your travel questions and give first-hand advice.

As we organise dive travel for people going to Cairns on a regular basis, we can get better deals than what most divers can get by going directly to the operators. When planning a dive trip to Cairns or anywhere destination, then contact us first and use our knowledge and organise an obligation free quote.

If you decide not to take advantage of what we can offer then here are such things to consider when choosing an operator. When choosing a dive operator in Cairns, you in the main get what you pay for.
Here are some questions you should think about needing to know the answers off before you book. Once you think about these questions who to book with will become a little easier:

– Which operator to choose depends on what you are looking for and what experience level you are. Will you need a guide to stay with you on the dive? If a guided is needed, then you need to ask if the operator provides a guide, how much does this cost, how many people will be with the guide?

– What are the client the operator cater for? Are they diver, snorkels, no water people wanting to catch some sunshine, people wanting to try diving in your group or are you a keen diving just wanting to get out there do the dive and get back? If your group is all keen divers then we recommend for Mike Ball. Mike Ball will show you to the best of the great barrier reef. If you have a mixed group, maybe an operation like Reef Magic who goes out to a pontoon might suit you better. There are more people on this day trip, but they do cater better for a range of divers, snorkels, glass bottom boat uses etc. When I went out with reef magic there were only ten divers so although there was a lot of people (over 100) on the pontoon there was not a heap of divers and you got the whole reef experience. Great for a family or someone with a non-diving partner.

– Should you do a day-trip or a liveaboard? If you have the time, a liveaboard is always the best option. You will see better reef as they go out further, not as many people go there, etc. and it is far better value for money. When you work out you can do five dives a day, and it covers all food as well as accommodation, a liveaboard is a great value for what you pay.

For a large number of people, they will only dive the reef once so make it a great memorable experience and book with a reputable operator so you have fun both above and below the water! Make use of knowledge and expertise and maximise what you get from this experience.