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How do Freedivers protect their feet?

Freediving Neoprene Socks

Anyone who has swum in the ocean with a set of rubber fins will know the feeling of sand and salt water getting into your fin pocket and creating uncomfortable blisters. Anyone who has been for a dive at Bare Island knows how challenging the entry to the water can be without adequate foot protection! There’s nothing worse than having to end a day of freediving because your feet are uncomfortable.

All of this being said…. There’s a relatively simple solution! Neoprene Fin Socks!


Neoprene Socks

Neoprene Socks help keep your feet warm and like gloves they protect the skin from the environment and the little creatures you don’t always see. The booties also protect your feet from your fin foot pocket. Without them, he skin around the foot pocket will get rubbed raw and you will be uncomfortable in the water. Get some. If you tuck them inside your suit pants it will keep you streamlined and maximise your potential breathhold.

How should fin socks fit?

Two things to consider here. How they fit on your feet and how your feet with socks will fit in your fin pocket. Like gloves, fin socks should be a little snug because they sill stretch a little when they get wet. If they are too tight your feet will go numb. It’s probably a good idea to buy your fin socks and fins a the same time, so you can make sure everything fits correctly.

Here at Abyss we carry 2 different thickness of Salvimar Fin Socks; a 3.5mm and 1.5mm. Now if you have an existing fin and you wish to purchase a sock, you will need to see how much space you have in the foot pocket. The 1.5mm sock may be the best way to go if the fin is already quite tight, as the 3.5mm option may be too thick. Bring your fins with you into the store and one of our Freediving Instructors will be able to assist you in finding the right fit for you.