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Why a Thermalution is Perfect for Summer.

When I first bought my Thermalution, it was not to keep me warm but to reduce the lead I needed to carry. I needed a partial knee replacement which meant that I needed to reduce the weight I needed to carry when diving or give up diving for at least twelve months. By using a Thermalution I could dive with a much thinner wetsuit (a 3mm instead of my normal 7mm that I needed for the colder months).
The big advantage of using a Thermalution in the temperate water is you can dive with a much thinner wetsuit giving you more flexibility, significantly reducing the weight you need to carry, reduce the chances of heat stroke on a hot summer’s day, and improve your air consumption.

  • Give more flexibility: By reducing the thickness of your wetsuit down to a 3mm or even a 1.5mm wetsuit you get much more flexibility and freedom. Less thickness is given to the extremities to increase flexibility and range of motion. It is worth remembering that a thinner wetsuit is much cheaper than your thick winter suit and hence by using a thinner suit in summer it also saves you more expensive suit for the colder part of the year.
  • Reduce lead needed: Buy using a Thermalution you can dive with a significantly thinner wetsuit. If you drop from a 7mm to a 3mm then you can reduce your lead requirement by approximately 5% of your weight. So a 70kg person can take approximately 8lb out of their weight pockets by using a Thermalution and dropping back to a 3mm for summer.
  • Don’t Over Heat: by dropping down to a thinner wetsuit you are much less likely to overheat on a hot summers day.
  • Air Consumption: Thermalutions work by using near-infrared radiation to warm the core of the body. Body Core temperature has a significant effect on the need for Oxygen and hence air consumption. By diving with a Thermalution in temperate waters in summer months you will significantly improve your air consumption and hence improve bottom time.

Using your Thermalution over the summer months has many benefits to the diver and I strongly recommend you take advantage of them.


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