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Choosing a SMS Sidemount Systems

I want to dive Sidemount, but which system should I choose? History of Sidemount Since the early 1960’s, cave and sump divers have been using Sidemount related equipment to conduct their dives. These divers required smaller tanks that could be configured to overcome space restrictions. They also required more tanks to provide extended lateral penetrations. … Continue reading

A Career in Diving

Becoming a PADI Course Director

The PADI Course Director Training Course (CDTC) has been one of the most amazing experiences for me as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor. The CDTC takes experienced Master Instructors and develops them further, through academic and in-water training presentations. It also develops these candidates through evaluation training, counselling and marketing workshops and presentations. The CDTC … Continue reading

Course Reviews

Why Learn Technical Diving??

Many people hear the term Technical Diving, and immediately think of heavy, cumbersome equipment and additional risk whilst scuba diving. This perception needs to change…. Traditionally, technical scuba diving has meant going beyond recreational scuba diving limits, and included one or more of the following: Diving deeper than 40 metres Required stage decompression Diving in … Continue reading

Dive Travel

Diving the HMS Hermes

We left for Sri Lanka on Saturday 19th April, all very excited to see what recent divers on the Hermes had been talking about. An 8 hour flight to Singapore, followed by a 3 hr flight to Colombo, and we had arrived in our destination country. We spent the night in a basic, yet comfortable … Continue reading