Washing Your Dive Grear
Dive Gear

Washing Your Dive Grear

There is nothing better than owning your own gear. Not only for fit and having a detailed knowledge of how it works but also hygiene reasons. Your diving improves so significantly when you have your own gear, you can get your weighting sorted out, it fits you correctly, and you know where all the bells … Continue reading

Tip of the Week

Salt Water Hair

Love to dive but hate your messy hair afterwards. Here are a few tips for you. Salt water is great for your skin as it helps to detox it, reduce swelling and treat wounds, among many other benefits. Maybe not so great for your hair if you are in it all the time. I find it … Continue reading

Dive Travel

Some Exciting Dive Trips

Wish you were here; let us show you the way! Over the next 12 months we have a heap if great trips scheduled that will cater for all divers levels and desires. All the trips are guided by an experience instructor that is there to help you both above and below the water on your … Continue reading