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Yoga vs. Diving

Yoga vs. Diving: How they compare The ancient practice of yoga is a technique that a growing number of people are enjoying to bring themselves back down to earth. It connects us with ourselves, the world, and keeps our mind focused yet totally still. Scuba diving, sitting on the other end of the spectrum as … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Excursion QLR4 BCD

  Your BCD is the first major piece of equipment any diver purchases. There are a massive number of BCD’s on the market, and this makes it confusing when choosing a BCD. Traditionally back inflation BCD’s were for the technical diver but over the past decade, recreational divers have adapted the BCD to meet their … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Hollis 500 SE a Quantum Leap

My first high-performance regulator was a side breather, and I loved it! Keeping exhaust bubbles out of my field of view is a massive benefit that you don’t appreciate until you experience it. Unfortunately at that time, side breather regulators had the drawback of wet breathing and as technology advanced the side exhaust regulator was … Continue reading

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Tips for Motion Sickness

Avoid “feeding the fish” – tips for motion sickness   If you haven’t experienced motion sickness, it doesn’t mean you never will – it’s possible that you’re just yet to be subjected to conditions that your body doesn’t like. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with these simple tips, and know what to do … Continue reading