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Diving the Galapagos Islands

If there was ever one trip to rid you of your bucket list, then this was the one. Schooling Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Blue Footed Boobies, Massive Galapagos Sharks, Hunting Orcas, Fur Seals, Sea Lions, Galapagos Penguins, Marine Iguanas, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mola Mola, Giant Trevally, HUGE schools of Jacks, Lava Tubes, Ancient volcanic craters. and … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Hollis SD7 Flex Semi-dry

Wetsuits were invented in 1952, originally, wetsuits were made only with raw sheets of foam-rubber neoprene that did not have any backing material.  These old wetsuits were poor quality and not very durable. The later use of glue and heat-sealed tape made the wetsuit’s seams stiff and uncomfortable. Eventually wetsuits became lined with nylon to … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Cyanea Mask

Diving is about enjoyment and nothing ensures your diving enjoyment more than your mask.  Over the last 20+ years of diving I have tried a range of masks but I have never found a mask more comfortable than the new Cyanea mask from Aeris/Oceanic. The technology and innovation used in the Cyanea masks  will maximize … Continue reading