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Why Buy a Wetsuit

Although the financial aspect of buying gear is the first concern for many divers, I believe that I dive for the shear enjoyment of diving and hence the most important thing when looking at a wetsuit is personal comfort and safety although health and convenience come very close behind. Along with owning your own mask, … Continue reading

Dive Gear

So how does Lavacore work?

Experienced divers all know that as the months get cooler in Sydney, the marine life heats up. There’s something about winter diving that brings out the best of what Sydney has to offer. In the first week of winter, I’ve witnessed three giant cuttlefish participating in a frisky ‘manage a trois’, turtles propped between clumps … Continue reading

Dive Travel


KOMODO LIVEABOARD  -12th June – 25th June 2014. ‘I’m Indo It…’ (Siren Fleets’ Motto) By Versnar Cheng A Group of 16 Pioneer, Drift thrilling seek Divers from Abyss embark on a 12 Day Live-aboard trip of a lifetime including 31+ dives. We arrived at Depensar Airport, with an overnight in Kuta and connecting flights to … Continue reading

Dive Travel

Some Exciting Dive Trips

Wish you were here; let us show you the way! Over the next 12 months we have a heap if great trips scheduled that will cater for all divers levels and desires. All the trips are guided by an experience instructor that is there to help you both above and below the water on your … Continue reading

Dive Travel

Diving the HMS Hermes

We left for Sri Lanka on Saturday 19th April, all very excited to see what recent divers on the Hermes had been talking about. An 8 hour flight to Singapore, followed by a 3 hr flight to Colombo, and we had arrived in our destination country. We spent the night in a basic, yet comfortable … Continue reading