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First Side-Mount Instructor for the Maldives

Side-mount Diving is quickly taking it place in the ever-evolving scuba diving industry. Not just for technical diving but also for recreational diving, divers across the globe are adopting Side-mount to not only extend their dives but also to allow them to experience the streamlining and total customization you can achieve through using the side-mount … Continue reading

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Abyss Shake

The Abyss Shake is a new under antic that you can easily play on any dive. The aim of the Abyss Shake is video yourself dancing as long as you can behind a diver without them noticing. Basically all you need is a camera with video mode, and an easily distracted diver (aka the Target)… … Continue reading

Dive Travel

Snorkeling the Maldives

Snorkeling is one of the most magical experiences you can have. While snorkeling you are free to move through the water and explore the oceans with little effort and get up close and personal with some awesome critters. Snorkeling the Maldives is one of the best locations in the world. With the entire island chain … Continue reading

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Scuba Diving in Sydney

We are so lucky in Sydney from a scuba diving point of view. Sydney offers so many diving opportunities. So matter if it is our great shore diving, boat diving with the sharks at Magic Point or the seals at Wollongong or checking out the seadragons at Kurnell, there is just so many opportunities to … Continue reading

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Turtle Diving

 Have you ever thought what it would be like to swim like a turtle? Yes you say… Well a team of Side-mount Divers have started a global diving craze where divers all around the world are starting up ‘Turtle Diving’.   While on expedition in the Maldives the team developed this mesmerizing art, which allows … Continue reading

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Report from the Maldives

Staring out the window of the plane it was impossible to see land anywhere big enough to land. All we could see was turquoise water, white sand and coral atolls everywhere… Honestly as far as we could see. When we neared sea level a small strip of land appeared below us. We had just landed … Continue reading

Marine Life

Weedy Seadragon Survey

While they’re protected under the Commonwealth Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act, evidence suggests seadragon numbers are falling. The World Conservation Group has classed the seadragon as “near threatened” on its Red List of threatened species. Little is known about the Weedy Seadragon. To rectify this Professor Booth and  his UTS team have teamed up … Continue reading