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Marine Life

Weedy Seadragon Survey

While they’re protected under the Commonwealth Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act, evidence suggests seadragon numbers are falling. The World Conservation Group has classed the seadragon as “near threatened” on its Red List of threatened species. Little is known about the Weedy Seadragon. To rectify this Professor Booth and  his UTS team have teamed up … Continue reading

Just Awesome

Be Amazed, Be a Diver.

Do you want to be adventurous, have you ever wanted to be an explorer? Scuba diving enables you to satisfy my thirst for adventure as you explore an entirely new world. Becoming a scuba diver is a about exploring the other two thirds of the world.  Giving dives you the opportunity to go places and … Continue reading

Marine Life

Port Jackson Shark

When most people think of sharks they think of big teeth and slick fast swimming animals, I guess the film ‘Jaws’ is in Mind. The Port Jackson shark  (Pjs) certainly does not fit this stereo type. They look shy and cute, not your typical heart stopping scary shark. It’s no wonder  scuba divers look forward … Continue reading

Dive Gear

How to select a BCD.

The Bouyancy Control Device (BCD) is and one of the most important and the most complex piece of scuba diving equipment you’ll own. So choose carefully based on the style of diving you’ll be doing most. What It Does – What doesn’t it do? It holds your gear in place, lets you carry a tank … Continue reading