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My PADI Club

My PADI Club is a new way for divers to connect with their dive centers, resorts, instructors and dive buddies. My PADI Club delivers the information potential divers are seeking to start their adventure and certified divers want to continue pursuing their scuba addiction. A digital platform accessible from any device, My PADI Club makes … Continue reading

Course Blogs

Advancing Your Diving.

Learning to dive and doing your open water course can be one of the most life changing activities you ever complete. Gaining the ability to float in the water like an astronaut in space and swim along like a deep sea fish are truly unique experiences. So what’s next? Everyone is different and feels different … Continue reading

Marine Life

Weird fish of Sydney

Down in the deepest parts of the ocean nature can be extremely unusual, often ugly is an understatement. However most people don’t realise that many open water dive sites can contain just as unusual and ugly creatures as the depths. With oversized mouths or mind blowing patterns the underwater world can be a bizarre place. … Continue reading

Sydney Boat Dives

Boat Diving in Sydney

Boat diving allows access to unique and diverse habitats & environments that are impossible to experience any other way. As Sydney-based divers we are so lucky for what we can experience from a boat; from fur seal diving, Grey Nurse Sharks, close encounters with Whales and Dolphins, diving through ocean caves, swim throughs and loads … Continue reading

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Palau Dive Trip

If you’re a diver, chances are you have heard of Palau. It is another one of those obscure places we like to travel, which when you tell your land loving friends where you’re going always follows with “where’s that?” But for a diver, Palau is one of those dream, bucket list destinations. With hundreds of … Continue reading

Dive Travel

Matts Top 5 NSW Dives

Narooma -Seals Seal diving is often described by divers as one of the best dives they have ever done, from the huge level of interaction received by such graceful and beautiful animals to the sense of awe you get from watching their agility in the water. Montague island just off the coast of Narooma let’s … Continue reading