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Diving with Seals / Just Awesome

Seal Diving

Interaction with animals underwater is one of the things that really makes scuba diving such an amazing experience. This interaction is not the standard interaction that you would normally think about. Scuba diving is not about touching or disturbing animals but observing them in their natural environment. The interaction you receive is when that sharks … Continue reading

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Technical training 45

One of the great things about diving is that there are endless places to see and skills to learn. Fortunately often these two things work well together. To see that deep shipwreck you need a new set of skills. Tec 45 is one of the courses you can complete that allows you to discover your … Continue reading

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Pier Diving

When thinking about diving people often have ideas of beaches and dive sites way out in the ocean. Most never consider that just beneath that jetty or pier you’re standing on whilst waiting for the dive boat is a myriad of life, waiting to be explored. From small council owned jetties to bigger ferry terminals … Continue reading