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Sydney Dive Calendar


Sydney has lots of opportunities for diving with a large number of good dive sites plus a of dive operators spread over Sydney.

Abyss Scuba Diving has a big advantage in that it is near the ocean and situated on the top of Botany Bay, this means it offers easy access to a lage numbe of dive sites either side of the bay depending on the prevailing conditions. This location also makes it accessible to the Eastern suburbs, western suburbs and is on a direct rail connection to the centre of Sydney.

On average, Abyss have in excess of 40 different Sydney-based scuba diving activities every month including our regular divemaster-led FREE shore dives, a number of boat diveswreck divessharkand seal dives along with beginner, advanced and professional dive courses and lots more activities for all levels of diving.

So divers can keep track of the large number of diving activities available to them Abyss has Sydney Dive Calendar which has events up to 12 months out and full details of all activities for the coming 2 months. The Sydney Dive Calendar is updated on a daily basis so divers can see any new events as they are added and hence plan their diving activities.

Please check out the dive calendar on a regular basis and maximise your diving pleasure.