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Oceanic Oc1 Re-vamp…


Oceanic OC1 re-vamp… Coolest piece of kit for 2012!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…

I have been wearing different dive watches for over 10 years now and never had anyone outside the diving industry comment on how cool any of my watches looked. The day I purchased my new Oceanic OC1 (after owning 3 or 4 other dive watches previously) I walked into a Ripcurl surf store in Cronulla and the gorgeous young lady behind the counter lent forward to get a closer look at my watch and said “Wow… That’s a nice watch”. I thought… YEAH! That’s what I wanted. Hehehe. Finally a dive watch that is not only amazing to use, but also one that looks amazing and cool. FANTASTIC.


As time went bye, the ‘wow’ factor went away from my purchase as I got used to wearing such a cool piece of kit… until now! I recently purchased the newly released Titanium Wrist Strap that is specifically made to accompany the OC1 watch face. It has turned my tired 1 year old OC1 into a sexy new beast that I am proud to prance around in yet again!


The main band of the strap is made from high grade titanium, which has a cool brushed finish. Looking at it, it reminds me of a Armadillos armoured back. There is perfectly machined segments that fit together to form the band.

The clasp of the strap is made from marine grade stainless steel which also has the same brushed look. When closed, the underside of the strap displays the OC1 and Oceanic logo… very cool.

When I got it, it was 2 links to long, so I got it adjusted slightly so it fit me perfectly. So the band is customisable, depending on your wrist size. It took just 10 minutes for it to be adjusted.
The strap comes with its own zippered case which once installed on the watch, fit the complete unit perfectly. So it is ideal for anyone that wants to store it between dives. But if you ask me, I couldn’t bring myself to put it away because it looks so awesome!


I wear my OC1 as my normal everyday watch. And then when I want to dive I just jump in and off I go. The best thing now about the strap is that it now looks a lot more professional and upmarket, so wearing it everyday situations is now a lot more acceptable and do-able; rather than the rubber, sporty looking, factory standard band which it used to have.
When I dive now with this band, all I do is take it off while I get into my wetsuit and then pull the wrist of the wetsuit up my arm an inch to accommodation it being there. Because of the fixed strap position you can’t adjust it just for the dive to go over the suit… Which isn’t an issue at all for me.


To protect the watch and strap during a rough dive, I also just pull my glove over the top of the watch during exits and entries and anytime I think I may damage my investment.

All in all, I would have paid twice the price for the strap if I knew just how amazing it looked with the watch. It has completely re-vamped my OC1 and I really do love it. It was like purchasing an entire new computer once again!

The retail price for the Titanium Band is $199 Worth every penny.