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Boat Diving In Southern Sydney


Boat Diving In Southern Sydney

Southern Sydney has some excellent shore and boat dives, with some of the better dives only accessible by boat. We are lucky down south as we have free parking at dive sites and also lots of unlimited parking at the usual boat departure point at Sans Souci. The usual departure point for Abyss Scuba Diving charters is Sans Souci public Fishing wharf off River side drive, just under captain cook bridge. This location is easy to get to by public transport and has lots of parking so is great if you have your own car. It is just 5 minutes from the shop so perfect to grab gear prior.  This pick-up point is in the mouth of Botany Bay allowing for protected dives within the bay and a range of different topography outside the bay. If you want to see grey nurses, weedy sea dragons, a deep wreck or beautiful sponge life abyss has it all on offer.

One of the most popular sites is Magic point and is known for the grey nurse sharks. This site is listed as a critical habitat by the Department of primary industries as grey nurse shark habitat. This site is suitable to all divers with most of the dive in 15m although you can drop down to the 22m mark if you want to . It is a quite exciting as you descend down the anchor line through schools of yellow tail and swim over to the shark cave and sit on the sand waiting to see the sharks come out and circle around. Although the grey nurse shark is what most people want to see there is lot of other cool marine creatures at this site as well. If you are into sharks, generally you will see wobbegong sharks and port Jackson and crested horns from June to august as well. The Giant Cuttlefish is also regularly seen at the site and of course the big blue groper is always there to say Hi. If you head down to the sand line and look next to the kelp you will find some weedy sea dragons as well

If you want to get some beautiful photos of colourful sponges then Heneries head is your dive site for this. With this site being one of the closest sites we do, only a 20 min trip out, but one of the best sponge gardens you will find in Sydney. It is best to do this site on a higher tide to get better visibility, as it is inside the bay, with the site ranging from 15m to 24m all dovers are welcome. The soft colourful sponges are just beautiful. Keep your eyes out for the red Indian fish on this dive. They are hard to spot as they sway in the current like the sponges, but they are there. You will also see weedy sea dragons on this dive and lots of nudibranch.

If you are wanting to see some weedy sea dragons come along and check out dragons lair. This dive site is outside the bay and north. It is before magic point on the coastline. The depths range from 16-25m and is quite a flat reef with small drop offs. The weedy sea dragon has certainly made this site home so have your camera ready.

Abyss Scuba diving boat is one of the only charter boats that does the dives off Cronulla and Barrens hut is one of the favourites in this area. You do need to be advanced certified for this one as it is a 28m dive.  The dive is bases around a cave/swim though area. Follow the sand line along a wall to the cave, hope you have your lights so you can head on though the cave and out the other side. This site is known for donut nembrotha nudibranchs, it is the only site in Sydney that I have seen these species. There can be current at this site so remember your SMB.

If you are keen for something a little deeper bypass is a great dive in 30m on the northern head just outside Botany Bay. It is a very distinct wall that you can follow with lots of over hangs and ledges to explore. As this site is on the mouth of Botany bay there is lots of marine life heading past. I have seen schools of king fish, and believe it or not even a whale share right near this site.

If rust is your thing, then the Tuggarah, located off the Royal National Park is a dive for you. This is the fishes wreck in Sydney and although it is a 45 min run from Cronulla, even with 900HP on the back, it is worth the trip. Sitting in 47m there is always so much life on this wreck, lots of wobbies, and schooling fish. This wreck sunk in 1919 is a great dive for those that are experienced and certified.

 So, if you are keen for a great boat dive south Sydney has lots to offer. With the range of different sites and the great pick up location with easy parking it is defiantly the pick for boat diving out of Sydney.

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 By: Rachael Fallon

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