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Suunto Ocean Dive Computer : Uniting Performance & Style


Suunto Ocean Dive Computer – The Perfect Blend of Performance and Style

Wondering if the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer is right for you? This guide covers its key features like dive data, multiple modes, and GPS, showing you how it can improve your dives.

Key Takeaways

  • The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer offers an advanced high-resolution dot matrix display with LED backlight, providing real-time updates on essential dive data, such as depth, dive time, and tank pressure.

  • It features multiple dive modes (air, nitrox, depth gauge, and ‘Mermaid Mode’) and supports up to five different gas mixes, catering to both recreational and technical divers.

  • In addition to its diving functionalities, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer includes over 80 sport modes, outdoor navigation tools, and Bluetooth connectivity, making it a versatile device for various athletic and outdoor activities.

Overview of Suunto Ocean Dive Computer

Suunto Ocean Dive Computer

Plunging into the world of the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer reveals an incredible fusion of technology and style. Built on Suunto’s extensive experience in crafting outstanding dive computers, the Suunto Ocean is engineered with advanced algorithms to ensure safe diving. Its high-resolution dot matrix display, complete with LED backlight, ensures that all your essential dive data is just a glance away, no matter the visibility conditions underwater.

But the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer is more than just a display of numbers and metrics; it’s an indispensable tool that brings a comprehensive suite of features to your wrist. Whether you’re exploring coral reefs or navigating through a shipwreck, this ocean dive computer makes every journey a seamless experience, enhancing not only your safety but the entire dive experience.

It’s clear that with Suunto, building outstanding dive computers is not just a mission; it’s a mastered art.

Essential Dive Data Display

The range of suunto ocean computer

As you submerge into the aquatic realm, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer becomes your underwater command center. The display is your portal to essential dive data, delivering real-time updates on depth, dive time, and a customizable switch window for other critical information such as tank pressure, no-decompression limit (NDL), compass, and timer. With the Suunto Ocean, you’re not just informed; you’re in control.

Tank pressure readings are doubly accessible, both in the switch window and on the tank pressure view arch, with units available in bar or PSI for your convenience. The dive computer takes it a step further by showing your actual gas consumption in liters or cubic feet per minute, and even calculates your remaining gas time based on the current depth and your breathing rate. With such depth of information, you can dive with confidence, knowing you’re backed by data that’s as accurate as it is essential.

Multiple Dive Modes for Versatility

Versatility is the hallmark of the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer. With a range of dive modes at your fingertips, including:

  • air

  • nitrox

  • depth gauge

  • the distinctive ‘Mermaid Mode’

These modes ensure you can explore the underwater world within the maximum operating depth of your Suunto Ocean Dive Computer.

It adapts to your diving needs like a chameleon to its environment, offering confidence multiple dive modes to suit various situations. The Multi Gas Mode is particularly impressive, allowing you to use up to five different gas mixes during a dive – a feature that technical divers will find invaluable.

The device doesn’t just offer multiple enabled gas mixes; it also provides continuous decompression profiles and prompts for gas switches to the most efficient mix available. This level of detail ensures that you can focus on the underwater wonders, secure in the knowledge that your Suunto Ocean Dive Computer is managing your dive parameters with precision.

Accurate Location Tracking and Navigation

Underwater Route Tracking

Navigating the underwater world can be as challenging as it is thrilling. The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer ensures you never miss a beat with GPS and dive route tracking, employing all five satellite systems for unbeatable accuracy. Whether you’re charting new territories or returning to a favorite dive spot, the device supports navigation with ease.

The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer offers the following features:

  • Integrated digital compass for accurate navigation

  • Compensated tilt and 3D functionality for pinpoint accuracy

  • Ability to navigate complex underwater landscapes

  • Confidence of a seasoned explorer on every dive

Make every dive a journey to remember with the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer.

Wireless Air Integration and Tank Pressure Monitoring

Wireless Air Integration and Tank Pressure Monitoring

Entanglement in gauges and hoses can detract from the diving experience, which is why the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer features wireless air integration. The Suunto Tank POD, a wireless air transmitter, simplifies your dive by sending real-time air pressure data from the scuba tank directly to your wrist, enhancing both safety and mobility.

Monitoring tank pressure from up to five gas cylinders is a breeze with the Suunto Tank POD, and with built-in alarms for low gas levels, you’re always one step ahead. You’ll even receive a notification if the Tank POD battery is low or if the tank pressure dips below critical levels, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard. With the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer, your focus can remain on the dive, not on the gear.

Dive Alarms and Safety Features

Safety Vibration Alerts of Suunto Ocean Dive Computer

Your safety is Suunto’s priority, and the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer doesn’t take it lightly. It offers the following safety features:

  • Configurable tank pressure alarms to keep you informed of your gas levels

  • Depth alarms to ensure you stay within your planned limits

  • Monitoring of ascent and descent speeds, with alarms if you ascend too quickly

  • Free-dive Mode to track your speed and issue alarms if necessary

Oxygen toxicity is a serious concern for divers, and the Suunto Ocean addresses it with the following features:

  • Notifications at critical CNS oxygen toxicity levels and Oxygen Tolerance Units, urging you to take preventive actions

  • Alarms, warnings, and notifications that are color-coded for easy recognition

  • Vibration alerts that can be turned on for additional assistance

With the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer, you’re not just diving; you’re diving with a vigilant guardian by your side.

Dive Logs and History

Post-dive reflections are as integral to the diving experience as the dive itself, and the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer’s detailed logbook captures every moment. The logbook’s memory mode stores an all-inclusive dive history, with a sophisticated dive profile for each recorded dive. Gas consumption details, average depths, warnings – it’s all there for you to analyze and learn from.

Scuba and free-dive histories are neatly summarized, showing your cumulative dive time, total number of dives, and personal bests for depth and duration. With a capacity that smartly replaces old dives with new ones, your dive evolution is chronicled in a narrative of depths explored and horizons expanded.

The Suunto Ocean doesn’t just log your dives; it tells the story of your underwater adventures.

Sports Watch Capabilities

Suunto Ocean Dive Computer as Sports Watch

The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer transcends the underwater world to support your terrestrial athletic pursuits. With over 80 sport modes, from running to cycling to swimming, it’s a premium sports watch packed with range and precision. As a suunto ocean computer, it monitors your daily activities, including steps and calories, and even offers sleep and recovery tracking with sleep tracker display resolution to keep your fitness goals on track.

Adaptive training guidance adjusts to your progress, suggesting optimal times for rest or action, while the swimming metrics and compatible sensors for running power offer a granular look at your performance. The Suunto Ocean is not just your dive buddy; it’s your coach, your motivator, and your witness to every victory, big or small.

Premium Outdoor Features

For those who crave adventure on land, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer is equipped with premium outdoor features to match any demand the active life throws your way. Crafted with premium sapphire glass and stainless steel, it’s tough enough to withstand the rigors of even avalanche terrain maps. The detailed outdoor maps ensure you never lose your way, whether you’re hiking through forests or skiing off-piste.

With offline navigation features, the Suunto Ocean is a reliable guide through the most remote of landscapes, ensuring that you’re always on the right path. In the realm of outdoor watches, the Suunto Ocean stands out as a beacon of reliability and sophistication, guiding you through every expedition with assurance and style.

Connectivity and Syncing

In today’s connected world, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer offers the following features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for seamless wireless sync with your computer or smartphone

  • Transfer your dive and sports data effortlessly

  • Use the Suunto app as your digital logbook

  • Analyze, plan, and share your adventures with a community that celebrates your every splash and stride.

Moreover, the Suunto app’s compatibility with third-party sports services like Strava and TrainingPeaks opens a world of possibilities for benchmarking and social engagement. With the Suunto Ocean, staying connected means staying inspired, as you sync your achievements and set new benchmarks in the ever-expanding network of athletes and adventurers.

Battery Life and Durability

Endurance is at the heart of the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer, both in its battery life and its construction. The rechargeable battery boasts up to 60 hours of diving and 50 hours of continuous outdoor GPS tracking, ensuring your explorations are never cut short. And when used as a daily timekeeper, it can go for an impressive 26 days between charges.

Encased in sapphire crystal glass, the Suunto Ocean resists the scratches and impacts that come with an adventurous lifestyle. Moreover, its production in Finland with 100% renewable energy speaks to a commitment to durability that extends beyond the product itself, to the world it explores. With the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer, you’re investing in a device that’s designed to endure, just like you.

User Experience and Interface

Interacting with the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer is a pleasure, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The clear colour screen with adjustable LED backlight ensures excellent visibility in all conditions, while the simple three-button navigation makes accessing its features a breeze, even when wearing gloves. It’s an experience that welcomes divers of all levels to explore its depths with confidence.

Customization options abound, allowing you to personalize your Suunto Ocean to match your style or mood. Choose from a variety of color combinations to make it truly your own – a reflection of your personality, both above and below the waves. With the Suunto Ocean, the user experience is not just about ease of use; it’s about making the device an extension of yourself.


The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer emerges as a paragon of diving technology, deftly blending state-of-the-art features with a sleek design that satisfies even the most discerning divers and outdoor enthusiasts. From its intuitive interface and versatile dive modes to its robust safety features and comprehensive logbook, every detail has been meticulously crafted to enhance your diving adventures. As a sports watch, it tracks and guides your terrestrial endeavors with the same precision and care. With the Suunto Ocean on your wrist, you’re equipped not just for the challenges of the deep but for the triumphs of life lived to the fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer be used for technical diving with multiple gas mixes?

Yes, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer supports Multi Gas Mode, making it suitable for technical diving with multiple gas mixes.

How does the Suunto Ocean help ensure my safety during a dive?

The Suunto Ocean ensures your safety during a dive through depth and ascent rate alarms, notifications for oxygen toxicity, and color-coded warnings to prevent accidents.

Is the Suunto Ocean suitable for other sports besides diving?

Yes, the Suunto Ocean is suitable for a wide range of sports and fitness activities due to its customizable sport modes and adaptive training guidance.

How does the wireless air integration work on the Suunto Ocean?

The Suunto Tank POD, a wireless transmitter, sends real-time air pressure data from the scuba tank to the dive computer, allowing for simplified setup and improved mobility and safety during a dive. This integration enhances the diving experience by providing crucial air pressure information in real-time.

Can I navigate and track my outdoor adventures with the Suunto Ocean?

Yes, the Suunto Ocean includes detailed outdoor maps and offline navigation features, making it suitable for tracking outdoor adventures.

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