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Avelo Mode: Revolutionizing Scuba Diving


Avelo Mode: A Revolutionary Leap Forward for Scuba Divers

Prepare for a new era of underwater exploration with the revolutionary Avelo Mode. Traditionally, dive computers have been essential tools focused purely on dive safety, helping divers monitor depth, time, and decompression limits. However, Shearwater and Scubapro are about to change the game by releasing dive computers featuring the Avelo Mode.

This groundbreaking innovation not only enhances diver safety but also introduces advanced technology aimed at making divers better and continuously improving their skills. The Avelo Mode includes features for enhancing dive safety and performance, understanding neutral buoyancy, tracking gas remaining and workload, improving efficiency, and offering post-dive analysis tools. Developed in collaboration with dive computer manufacturers and incorporating principles from a groundbreaking study, the Avelo Mode redefines buoyancy control, providing divers with precise adjustments that elevate the joy of diving to unprecedented heights. Dive enthusiasts around the globe can look forward to an exhilarating and skill-enhancing experience with this next-generation technology.

shearwater Teric dive computer with avelo software

An Evolution in Revolutionary Buoyancy Control Technology

At the core of this revolutionary advancement is the Avelo System, a state-of-the-art technology engineered to provide diverse, intuitive, and efficient buoyancy control in a compact and lightweight design. Central to the Avelo System is the Avelo Hydrotank, a high-capacity scuba tank featuring an innovative buoyancy control mechanism, setting a new benchmark for underwater stability and precision. This lightweight buoyancy system, known as the Avelo scuba system, utilizes a pump system to manage buoyancy using water as ballast, significantly reducing the amount of weight a diver needs to carry.

The Avelo System operates on a straightforward yet profound principle: regulating buoyancy by adding or removing water to achieve precise neutral buoyancy that remains consistent throughout the dive. Unlike traditional scuba systems that rely on air pockets for buoyancy adjustments, the Avelo System’s water-based method to manage buoyancy offers unparalleled stability, unaffected by variations in depth or motion. This revolutionary technology creates a sensation of flying underwater and provides divers with unparalleled buoyancy control and increased safety.

The Avelo scuba system

Unleashing the Potential of Avelo Mode

The newly developed Avelo mode on the Teric dive computer integrates seamlessly with the Avelo System, providing enhanced tools and insights to optimize dives, improve performance, and offer precise data on surface air consumption and percentage of breathing gas remaining.

  1. Effortless Buoyancy Control: Say goodbye to abrupt buoyancy shifts with the Avelo System. By eliminating dependence on air pockets, divers achieve unparalleled stability, creating the sensation of flying underwater and effortlessly hovering.

  2. Enhanced Air Efficiency: Extend your dives and explore deeper with the Avelo System’s stable neutral buoyancy, which optimizes air consumption and prolongs dive times for divers at all levels.

  3. Lightweight and Streamlined Design: Leave behind heavy, cumbersome scuba gear. The Avelo System’s lightweight construction reduces strain on divers, enhancing agility and comfort throughout the dive.

  4. Increased Air Capacity: Experience longer bottom times with up to 30% more gas capacity, enabling more immersive and satisfying underwater adventures.

  5. Intuitive Lung Control: Achieving perfect neutral buoyancy is now simpler than ever. With the Avelo System, subtle breathing adjustments allow for precise depth control, empowering divers to navigate the water column with finesse.

    Divers setting up their avelo scuba system

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer with Avelo Mode

The Shearwater Teric dive computer revolutionises wrist-mounted dive computers by combining advanced performance with user-friendly features. With the new Avelo Mode unlock code, the dive computer now offers exceptional buoyancy control, enhanced safety, and visibility of dive data, elevating the diving experience to new heights.

What the Shearwater Teric with Avelo Mode Does

With Avelo Mode activated, the Shearwater Teric seamlessly integrates with the Avelo System to offer real-time buoyancy adjustments and precise dive profile control. This feature enables divers to effortlessly monitor and adjust buoyancy using the Teric’s intuitive interface, ensuring a balanced and stable underwater experience. The Avelo system consists of a Hydrotank and a back plate, focusing on managing buoyancy and improving dive performance. Avelo Mode enhances the Teric’s robust suite of features, including customizable display options, advanced dive planning, and comprehensive diving metrics, making it an indispensable tool for divers of all skill levels.

By upgrading your Shearwater Teric with the Avelo Mode, you’ll unlock a new dimension of precision and stability in buoyancy control, transforming every dive into a smooth, effortless adventure. The revolutionary buoyancy control technology of the Hydrotank and Jetpack provides unparalleled buoyancy control and increased safety, enhancing the dive experience and improving performance.

Divers understand their buoyancy status

Embrace the Future of Diving with Avelo System

In conclusion, the Avelo Mode represents a paradigm shift in the world of scuba diving, offering a seamless blend of innovation, efficiency, and enjoyment through cutting-edge diving technology. Whether you’re a novice diver eager to enhance your skills or a seasoned professional seeking to optimise your performance, the Avelo System is your gateway to a world of underwater wonders.

Are you prepared to dive into the future of scuba exploration with the Avelo Mode? As a lightweight alternative to traditional scuba gear, the Avelo System provides enhanced underwater maneuverability and precision data for improved safety and performance during dives. The depths await, ready to unveil a realm of stability, efficiency, and unparalleled joy for divers of all backgrounds. Embrace the power of the Avelo System and discover a new dimension of underwater adventure like never before.

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