Keeping Customers and Staff Safe

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we take every precaution to minimize the risks to both our customers and staff. During our courses, diving activities and in-store operations, we apply all government social distancing and hygiene recommendations:

  • We have reduced class sizes so that we can safely maintain a 1.5m social distance during both shore dives and boat dives.
  • We will be running dives with a max number of 30 in a group and we have measured out all areas in the shop to allow for the correct area per person
  • All divers must have their own transportation.
  • All divers now will need to provide their own lunch.
  • Please collect All customers coming into the shop must now come through the front door.
  • All divers, students and customers must maintain 1.5 metres minimum spacing.
  • For all indoor activities, a minimum of two square meters per person is maintained.
  • For all activities, the maximum permitted number in a group is ten people.
  • All high touch surfaces and door handles in the store are sanitised regularly.
  • All masks, snorkels, and regulators are being sterilized after each use in accordance with DAN guidelines.
  • We strongly recommend all divers have their own mask, snorkel and gloves
  • For all courses that require any air sharing skills as part of the course, we have added an additional octopus regulator to eliminate any cross-infection risks.