Our Boat Dives Have Been Cancelled For The Duration Of The Crona Crisis

Sydney Boat Dives

Our dive boat has been designed for divers, having all the necessities that make a great dive boat. Entry and exit are easy with a big dive platform and a fin-friendly ladder. Once in the water, the pull rail at water level makes it easy to get to the front of the boat to descend. Of course, there is a winch for easy anchor retrieval. There is even a hot freshwater shower to rinse off. There are sun cream, wind jackets and even shampoo to wash your hair. The boat does not have a toilet, but we are lucky enough to have short runs for about 3.5 hours for a double dive trip.

We offer a range of dive destinations and have plenty of sheltered sites to pull up in for the light lunch provided between dives. Lunch consists of soup and rolls with a selection of spreads, as well as cheese and biscuits. After the double dive, there is some chocolate to the top of the great experience. As a rule, we always advise you to take seasickness tablets. There is nothing worse than having a tight wetsuit on your neck and feeling sick on a boat.

Note: Some sites - those deeper than 18 metres - require Advanced certification. It is a requirement that all divers carry a signal tube (safety sausage). If you do not own one,  you can purchase one at the time of booking or on the morning of the dive. The cost of the double boat dive is $120 including Divemaster services and snacks. The divemaster is there to help all divers but they are assisting up to 10 divers. If you feel you need your own private DM, then this service is available for an extra $149.

The Dive Sites schedule is a guide of where we are planning to go and are in no way guaranteed. If we can't go to the dive site due conditions, then the skipper will nominate the next best suitable spot. There is no refund if we do not make it to the planned dive sites.

Transport is not included for this dive, if you require a lift please be here no later than 45 minutes before start time. If no lift can be provided with the best option is an Uber to and from the site.

We also offer some Specialised boat dives

SHark Dive at Magic Point
Magic Point Shark Dives
Dive with Seals
Seal Dives
Tec Diving
Tec Boat Dives


If conditions make the planned site unsuitable, then another site will be selected for the dive.