Henry Head

The best sponge gardens in Sydney waters

Henry Head  
Site Best Sponge Gardens in Sydney, diverse marine life including Red Indian Fish, Seadragons, Blue Gropers and Eastern Blue Devil Fish
Experience Level Open Water
Max Depth 12m- 26m
Location Latitude -34.001122    longitude  151.236388


Named by Captain Cook in 1770 after King Georges brother, Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn, the Henry Head site boasts the best sponge gardens in Sydney and is one of Sydney's premium dives. The site has a range of Sponges and sea squirts and a broad variety of colours.  The depth of the site ranges from 12 metres down to approximately 26 metres towards the main shipping channel. There are Large boulders at the sand line while many ledges, overhangs and swim-throughs can be found throughout the reef. The extensive fish life includes groper, yellowtail, old wife, mado, morwong, cuttlefish and if you closely check out the sponges you will always find red Indian fish

For the more adventurous this can be done as a shore dive but we strongly recommend that a boat is the best way to enjoy this site.

It is best to anchor on the top of the reef in around 12 metres of water, drop over the wall around the 16m mark and head south to the reef edge. The depth here will be 21 metres. Follow the reef edge to the west to the edge of the reef. Here the sponge garden is at its best with the rocks covered with a prolific cover of sponges, sea squirts, ascidians and gorgonians.

If you look under the overhangs, you may see the eastern blue devilfish and are definitely will to see some cuttlefish. Keep your eyes open for sea dragons; there are generally many to be seen.