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Diving in Sydney

In Sydney, we are extremely lucky because the topography means we have many easily accessible scuba diving including great shore dives and boat dives.

On average, we have more than 50 different diving activities every month. See below for our range of PADI courses, free guided shore dives, boat dives, freedivers and more. There is no need for you to have a buddy because our divemasters can organise a dive buddy for you. As long as you have proof of certification, no matter the diver certification agency (PADI, SSI, BSAC, ANDI, RAID, GUE), you can come diving with us.

Note: The Dive Sites schedule is a guide of where we are planning to go and are in no way guaranteed. If we can't go to the dive site due conditions, then the Divemaster/skipper will nominate the next best suitable spot. There is no refund if we do not make it to the planned dive sites.

Free Pizza & Beer

After Sundays dive (3:00 pm - 5:00 pm) join us for Pizza and Beer. This weekend our guest is Neil Dorian from Ocean Enterprises will have a chat about the latest advances in scuba diving equipment. 

Upcoming Dives

  Dive Start Date Price  
Adelaide Sunday 08 Sep 2019 AU$ 120.00

  • Start Date: Sun 08 Sep 2019 at 08:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 120.00

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Jervis Bay Saturday 14 Sep 2019 AU$ 399.00

  • Start Date: Sat 14 Sep 2019 at 08:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 399.00

Located about 2.5 hours' drive south of Sydney, Jervis Bay has an abundant underwater life including seals, dolphins and whales. There are beautiful, untouched sponge gardens supporting a vast array of life, such as sea baskets, starfish, nudibranchs, pygmy leatherjackets, Red Indian fish, weedy sea dragons, seahorses, numerous rays, blue groper and much more. There are giant underwater boulders, which hide giant cuttlefish, Port Jackson sharks, blue devil fish and wobbegongs.

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