Articulately capture and share exciting underwater videos to create an impression.

Paralenz Vaquita Dive Camera

Seamlessly capture and share brilliant underwater videos with the world to make an impact. Paralenz Vaquita Underwater Dive Camera is easy to use and comes with an OLED display, 4K / 60 fps recording, intelligent color correction, an ultra light-sensitive lens, auto-record function, integrated GPS, and integrated light.

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1.  Easy does it: shoot underwater videos like a pro

Pro video equipment is bulky and costly. If you’re not a seasoned diver, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of concentrating on your dive while having both your hands burdened with operating the camera – a genuinely frightening feeling deep beneath the surface.

2. Stunning Underwater Footage with Minimal Effort

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned underwater videographer, Paralenz Vaquita gives you an advanced underwater videography experience right out of the box: no extra gear or filters needed.

3. You’re Whole Dive Experience In One App

Congratulations, you have recorded some really nice footage during your dive. What now? Wait to get home so you can plug your SD card into a computer and painstakingly edit hours of footage? With the Vaquita it is so much easier than you think.

You can organize and edit all your footage in the Paralenz App
With the Paralenz App installed on your mobile, you are able to transfer all your footage directly from your Vaquita to this app by means of Bluetooth. You are not only getting all your footage neatly organized, coupled with your dive profile and ready to edit, but you are getting them completely geo-referenced (GPS) so that you can easily find that breathtaking spot again.


You'll get a full year of cloud storage with your purchase – free of charge!

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4. Add some real impact to your diving

When you share your footage, you can choose to share the Ocean data with marine scientists and conservationists. This is possibly the easiest and smoothest way to help conservationists study more about and save our oceans. Just hit record and share! The Ocean data comes from a selection of sensitive sensors built-in to your Vaquita: temperature, depth, conductivity (or in other words; the saltiness of the water), and location.


5. Vaquita is built for the Ocean

Simplicity is the key when it comes to the Paralenz Vaquita. The Paralenz Vaquita is a rugged video camera designed specifically for diving in the Ocean. It is built with 100% marine-grade aluminum, which makes it incredibly sturdy. It is waterproof down to 350m and shaped like a dive light.

Created by scuba divers, for scuba divers!

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