Whale Watching

Adventure with Purpose

Whale watching can be more than just 'watching' whales. Join The Abyss Project's Whale Watching Research Trips and experience one of the most epic animal migrations on the planet, while making a difference!

Our Marine Research Vessel is equipment with whale acoustic monitoring equipment and specialised observation tower to help give you an unmatched research experience.

 Join our on-board Marine Researcher and help us collect important data on our whales.

 Whale Song Recordings

Humpback Whales produce the most magical underwater sounds know as Whale song. Our Ocean Research Vessel is equipped with expedition quality acoustic monitoring and recording equipment that will allow everyone to hear the whales sing in real-time! All recordings taken during your trip will be included within your Digital Tour Package.

Whale Photo Identification

Using cameras to photograph identifying features of whales is currently the most effective way to identify individuals. As a whale dives, they typically expose the underside of their fluke (or tail), which has a unique pattern to each individual whale, like a human fingerprint. Each trip we urge all volunteers to use their cameras to capture as many photos as possible. Our staff will also capture images throughout the trip, which will be available within the included Digital Tour Package.

 Whale Behaviour

Whale behaviour allows us to understand how whales interact with their environment and each other. During each whale encounter, you will learn how researchers observe and collect information about Whale behaviour. Our marine researcher will explain various behaviours and help educate you on what is observed.

Whale Watching Tours

Whale Watching in Sydney departs from San Souci Wharf Riverside Drive San Souci.

Whale Watching in Wollongong departs from Wollongong Harbour wharf. (There is public transport from Sydney to Wollongong Harbour every day of the week, including a shuttle bus from the train station directly to the harbour)

Our vessel
Our boat is a similar design as offshore rescue vessels and will get you out to have a great experience faster than ever before with 900Hp on the back. With a max of 22 people per trip, you will have a great personal wildlife experience on the water

 The day includes:

  • 2.5 hours whale research trip
  • Marine Researcher Guide
  • Whales
  • Various marine life and birdlife
  • Digital Tour Package. Including whale songs and all photos taken during your tour.  
  • Use of Boat Jackets
  • Sunblock


  • Quality Binocular hire $30
  • The Abyss Project Team Pack (Team Hat & T-shirt, 12-months Team Membership*) $60


Please Note: There is a range of marine mammals, birdlife and other marine life in the area where we will be researching. All animals are wild and as such we cannot guarantee their presence on every trip. Our staff will do everything possible to give you an amazing experience and sometimes research objectives are required to be changed due to weather or other variables.

 Whale Watching Tours