Deep Diving Trip to Stoney Creek

Deep Diving Trip to Stoney Creek
Deep Diving Trip to Stoney Creek
Price: $449.00
Price: $449.00
Our deep dive trip to Jervis Bay will enable you to dive Stoney Creek.

The Gorgonian Fans and Sea Whips on the ocean floor make this a spectacular dive. Depth starts in approximately 25 metres and the wall drops down to 50+ metres.

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To do this trip you must be a PADI Deep Diver Certified
We will head down on the afternoon prior and stay there overnight so that we can get up early the next day for the dive. The boat will be departing at 8am on the next morning for a double dive. Weather permitting, the first dive will be at StoneyCreek Reef. It is also known for its amazing Sea Whips, Sponges and Sea Fans as it is so under dived! StoneyCreekReef. Tom Byron rates it as one of the best dive sites on the new south wales coast line. The reef starts at 25m and heads down to 50m. Generally the vis is excellent at the dive site and there is an amazing amount of fish life. Trust me it is a must do dive!

After this we will have a decent surface interval and then head off to our next dive site, the Arch. This is a very unusual, yet spectacular dive site in 35m-40m of water. The Arch appears to be a giant cave at first, but once inside it is actually a big suspended rock formation shaped similar to a giant ancient stone bridge. Once again there is loads of fish life on this dive and is a mind blowing dive.

Trip Details:

2 night acc (night prior)


2 Double deep dive
Air Fills


It is strongly recommended that all divers use twins. As a minimum, divers must have a redundant air source (i.e. pony bottle) between 2.

A SMB is also a must for this trip.

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