Dive Gear Bags

Dive Gear Bags

Whether you're scuba diving near your home or on an exotic dive trip, you need a sturdy dive bag to transport your scuba gear.
Scuba equipment is bulky and sometimes heavy, especially when wet. A gear bag provides a sturdy container that makes it easier to carry your stuff, keep it organized and protect it. Typically, a scuba diver carries all scuba diving equipment except a tanks & weights and cameras in a gear bag. Drysuits usually have their own gear bag.

Required features

Sturdy design -All though dive gear bags look similar to cargo bags made for other purposes, they're actually designed specifically for the job. The most important design difference is that they're made from heavy duty fabric that will not rot from water exposure. They also use heavy, reinforced stitching so the bag doesn't fail at the seams.

Large, corrosion-proof zippersĀ - The most common failure point you see on bags used for diving that aren't intended for it is the zipper either jamming or failing and splitting open (which is a disaster if it happens as checked

baggage). Gear bags have large gauge zippers that don't corrode, and stand up to the stress dive equipment can create.

Weight-supporting strapsĀ - Similarly, gear bags have straps designed for the purpose. They're heavily reinforced so they won't tear out and/or pass all the way under the bag to take the weight.