Dive Papua New Guinea

Dive Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land rich in culture and steeped in mystery that is not often visited by the average traveler. Situated north of Australia, this huge, equatorial island, has a population of just over 4,000,000 people, scattered throughout the main island and

surrounding, smaller islands. Papua New Guinea, is one of the last, true frontiers for adventurers and dive enthusiasts.


Vastly untouched by the modern world, Papua New Guinea offers outstanding, geographical diversity. Spectacular landscapes of natural wilderness, high, rugged mountain ranges, active volcanoes, pristine rainforests, unique species of flora and fauna, birds and butterflies. The underwater environment with its pristine, hard and

soft coral reefs, teems with a myriad of unique marine species.


Port Moresby is the gateway and capital of Papua New Guinea. Due to domestic flight schedules, a stopover in Port Moresby may be required.