Fluyd, the line of products for apnea, triathlon and swimming. The new brand is addressed to the particular needs of these highly technical content sports. The high-quality product range has been developed with the best technologies and the newest design studies with an eye to the fashion.

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Price $89.00
The Fluyd Apnea 100 Mask is a purist freediver mask. This dual lens design has been achieved to ensure a reduced internal volume for easier equalising and clearing. The anatomically designed lens is manufactured from a super tough and durable Polycarbonate for the maximum vision for the diver unlike any other mask on the market.
The Fluyd Fibra 151 Freediving Fins give the perfect connection between the foot-pocket and the blade enables a stronger push and reduces the strain, bringing great advantages to the muscles of the freediver.
Price $299.00
The Fluyd Mermaid Monofin is a heap of fun for the recreational freediver. Compact Training monofins, which are composed of a removable polypropylene Blades and a thermoplastic pocket.
Price $125.10
Fluyd Noah Freediving Mask is a dual lens low volume mask with innovative technology for a frame merged in its space. Reducing the volume brings the mask closer to the face which gives the freediver two advantages. First it makes the mask easy to clear with less water to displace if it enters the mask, more importantly, it provides a much wider field of vision allowing the freediver to see more of the environment.
Price $499.00
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Two pieces wetsuit for training and apnea - 2,5/5.0 mm thickness. The first apnea wetsuit with HT Weld System joints for thermic maximisation, professional cut and high elasticity without parallel. Outside surface in highly flowing Shark Skin, over elastic, highly flowing and non-scratch material.
Price $179.00
Spacious freediving equipment backpack that houses a complete freediving set, long fins included and is Completely watertight.