PADI Boat Diver Course

PADI Boat Diver Course
PADI Boat Diver Course
Brand: PADI
Price: $299.00
Brand: PADI
Price: $299.00
Much of the world's best scuba diving is accessible only by boat. Whether you've never made a boat dive or you've logged dozens, the PADI Boat Diver Specialty course will benefit you because boats in various parts of the world do things differently.
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Boats allow you to explore spectacular dive sites not easily accessible from shore. Imagine no entries through surf, no long surface swims, no navigational wizardry to find the site, and no air gone from your cylinder to arrive at the reef you wanted to explore. Instead, imagine effortlessly entering the water from the transom of a boat - in moments, you and your buddy descend to the site, eyes wide open in anticipation of the aquatic marine life you'll see. Imagine diving visibility averaging 20-30 metres, wrecks teeming with life, common encounters with seals, grey nurse sharks, octopus, and giant cuttlefish. Combine the comfort and ease of diving from a boat and your closest diving friends, and you have all the makings for a perfect scuba experience.

Experiences like these attract divers to boat diving; in fact, whether your first or your hundredth dive, virtually all divers end up diving from a boat eventually.

Diving and boats make an obvious match. Although there are great dive sites available from shore, some of the world's best diving is accessible only from a boat.
What will you learn during the PADI Boat Dive Course?

The PADI Boat Diver course will expand your knowledge about boats from small inflatables to large liveaboards. You'll gain experience scuba diving by completing two dives from a boat in your local area and learn:

  • Boat diving procedures and etiquette, including how to enter and exit, and where to stow your gear.
  • Boating safety, including how to locate safety equipment.
  • Boat terminology.

What does the course include

  • Two Trainng Dives (1 days)
  • Double Boat Dive
  • Second Tank where needed
  • Boat Divers Manual
  • PADI Boat Diver Speciality Certification
What do you need to provide
All dive gear including mask, snorkel and fins.
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