PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course
PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course
Brand: PADI
Price: $695.00
Brand: PADI
Price: $695.00
The IDC Staff Instructor Course is one of the most important steps in the career of a professional diving instructor - IDC Staff Instructors are valuable members of the PADI Instructor training team. Staff Instructors are fully capable of lecturing, evaluation, counselling and training instructor candidates alongside the Course Director. The program runs for 7 days.
If you are from Sydney and would like to do a weekend program, call us on 02 9583 9662.
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The PADI IDC Staff Instructor course is designed to provide PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers with the additional training necessary to staff PADI Instructor Development programs. This course builds upon the IDC Staff Instructor candidate's experience and abilities as a dive educator while concentrating on developing evaluation and counselling skills. Through independent study, classroom sessions, guided evaluation training and an internship, IDC Staff Instructor candidates learn to teach the PADI Assistant Instructor course and assist with instructor development programs.

Every PADI Instructor should set a personal goal to become an IDC Staff Instructor within 1-2 years of doing their IDC There are many reasons for this, including

  • You can increase earning opportunities by being able to teach the PADI Assistant Instructor course independently;
  • Teaching at instructor development level is fun and challenging
  • Its a great chance to refresh yourself on teaching skills and background knowledge
  • You get to participate in an IDC without the prospect of an IE (you will listen differently)
  • You get in-depth exposure to new or changed aspects of the PADI System (many instructors were never exposed to topics like Prescriptive Teaching, and there are many other new or revised topics like those dealing with Adaptive Teaching and eLearning)

Another great reason to become an IDC Staff Instructor is that its a prerequisite for becoming a PADI Master Instructor, and of course a PADI Course Director.

During our IDC Staff Instructor program you'll get personalised training in all aspects of teaching at instructor development level, as well as evaluation and counselling techniques. You will also have the opportunity to refine and fine-tune your teaching skills with the hands on guidance of a Course Director.

To enroll in a PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, an individual must:


  1. Be renewed and in Teaching status as a PADI Instructor for the current year.
  2. Hold a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating.
  3. Agree to conduct all levels of diver training consistent with the standards and philosophy outlined in the PADI Instructor Manual.
  4. Agree to use the PADI System and components in its entirety.


Candidates are require to have:

  • PADI Course Director Manual
  • Confined Water Presentation Evaluation Slate
  • Open Water Presentation Evaluation Slate
  • All PADI IDC Required Materials - PADI Instructor Manual
    - PADI Guide to Teaching
    - Open Water & Confined Water Cue Cards:
    - Recreational Dive Planner (Table):


PADI fees are not covered by your course prices. You will need to pay to PADI directly after your course via credit cards, bank draft or money transfer.

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