PADI Master Freediver Course

PADI Master Freediver Course
PADI Master Freediver Course
Brand: PADI
Price: $795.00
Brand: PADI
Price: $795.00
If you're an advanced freediver who wants to learn how to fine-tune your lifestyle and training so that you can approach elite freediving levels, then the PADI Master Freediver course is for you. Through focused sessions, you'll bring your static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight skills to the next level.
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The PADI Master Freediver course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge development about nutrition, relaxation, and advanced breathing techniques. You'll study independently using the PADI Freediver Touch. You'll also complete independent research as part of the Master Freediver Assignment.
  • Confined water session to improve static and dynamic apnea attempts, including a no fins dynamic apnea. Goal - static apnea of 3 minutes 30 seconds and dynamic apnea of 70 metres.
  • Open water sessions to practice mouthfill equalization and perform warm-up and workup dives for free immersion and constant weight freediving. Goal - constant weight freedive of 27 metres.


To enrol in a PADI Master Freediver course you must be at least 18 years old and have a PADI Advanced Freediver certification (or a qualifying certification from another freediver organization).


Day 1


  •  Meet 8 am Paperwork, Orientation and Course Schedule 
  •  Homework: Training Tables (STA and DYN)
  •  Theory Review
  •  Meditation Workshop
  • Stretching Workshop
  •  Head to Pool 
  •  Execute Training Tables from Homework Assignment (STA)
  • Complete STA requirement from Confined Water 
  •  Debrief









Day 2 

  • Meet 8 am 
  • Homework: Master Freediver Presentations 
  • Meditation Workshop and Evaluation (Pulse Oximeter) 
  •  FRC Workshop (Including Full/Empty Lung Stretching)
  •  Head to Pool 
  •  Execute Training Tables from Homework Assignment (DYN) 
  • Complete DYN/DNF requirement from Confined Water 
  •  Rescue Workshop (Full FD Equip incl O2)
  •  Debrief 










Day 3

  •  Meet 8 am 
  •  Stretching/Reverse Packing/Mouthfill Workshop (Balloons) 
  •  Head to Ocean (Lilli Pilli) 
  •  Dive Session 1 
  •  Debrief 







(Special Consideration: Interval Between Sessions)

In the PADI Master Freediver course, students enter the depth range in which

lung squeeze is theoretically possible. For this reason, Open Water Session

One provides the initial workup dives for Session Two. If more than two

days separate Open Water Session One and Two, then students must

participate in an additional workup dive session prior to Session Two.

During this added session, student divers follow all proper prediving procedures

and conduct workup dives as they will in Session One, but they do not have to repeat other skills.


Day 4

  • Meet for Boat Dept 
  • Head to Ocean 
  •  Performance Dives (Dive Session 2) 
  •  Debrief 






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