Personalised Dive Trips

Personalised Dive Trips
Discover some of the world's best dive destinations with Abyss Scuba Diving. At Abyss Scuba Diving we can help you with our group trips or with individual travel which is designed to meet you needs.
When you book your dive trip you really need to know about the whole package. You not only want to know about the accommodation & facilities you will also want to know who to dive with and where to go. Here at Abyss Scuba Diving we can help you with all this on a personal level. We have been to the places you want to go to and unlike a standard travel agents we can arrange a holiday for you that will cater to your diving needs. We have a close relationship with many dive operators in remote places and will only recommend places where we are sure you will be looked after.

We do both group guided and individual travel to many destinations through out the world. So if you a looking at booking a dive trip give us a go, we will certainly give you a competitive quote and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the knowledge we have about some of the beautiful, untouched remote areas for diving around the world.

8 reasons to book your dive travel with us:

  1. We are divers and we understand the needs of divers and we can organise all your diving needs.
  2. We can organise everything you need, from destination selection, to reservations for airline, hotel, car rental or other transfers, travel insurance, dive packages, meal plans, optional excursions, etc.
  3. We have the knowledge of a range a great diving destination
  4. You can talk to a diver that has dived in the location before
  5. We offer very completive prices
  6. Our relationships with destination allow us to get the last minute specials and we can pass this onto you.
  7. We can offer extra advice on things such as medication that does not mix with diving, extra gear requirements scuba as reef hook or wetsuits and so on.
  8. We know the diver operators and will make sure you are looked after in a fun safe way.

Come on one of our group trips offering you the advantage of an experienced dive travel leader plus the added excitment and fun of travelling with a group of like minded people.



Hello Rach,
Just a quick note to say thanks for organising the GBR trip on 'Taka' for me. I was very impressed with the speed with which you were able to do it and also with the price - although you had told me you could probably do it a bit better than if I booked with them direct, I hadn't expected such a generous discount. I shall be very happy for you to handle any of my future dive trip bookings. Well done, I look forward to a great trip,

George Wotton.


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