Reward Bubble Scheme

Abyss Scuba Diving is Australia's local online dive shop. Our Reward bubbles Scheme is designed to reward our valued customers for purchases and for referring other customers to our Online shop.

How It Works
Customers will accrue points as they purchase products on our store, and when they refer customers that make a purchase. Customers are notified of the number of points accrued with a purchase on the order verification page (before submitting payment information) and in the order confirmation e-mail (after an order is processed). They can also view the number of accrued points by logging into their account, and clicking on the 'View Your Reward Bubbles' link.

Points are accrued when an order is processed. If an order is still pending, Reward Points are not assigned. Therefore, the customer will not see the points accrued with the order listed on the page shown above until the order has been processed by the store administrator. If the payment method used for the order is real-time credit card processing, then the order is considered processed as soon as it is confirmed by the payment gateway, and Reward Bubbles will be assigned immediately.

If an order is cancelled, the Reward Points accrued with the purchase are automatically deducted from the customer's account.
Bubble points are only awarded for online sales from and can only be redeemend against online sales at
Using Your Bubbles
Whenever a customer has a positive bubble balance, he can use points to earn a discount on a new purchase. A customer may use some or all the points in his balance. Our Store is programmed to automatically calculate how much money the available bubbless balance translates to and provides the customer with such information both in the account management area and during the checkout process. Specifically, during the checkout process customers are prompted to indicate how many points they would like to use against a new purchase. Customers can choose to use all, some, or none of the accrued points against the current purchase.
In this Store,
- For every 10 points you earn $1.00
- For every referral you make using the 'Tell-A-Friend' feature, you earn 2% of the order amount made by the person you referred to our store.

Have the ultimate shopping experience, as you shop on our Store!