Scuba Regulator Package

Scuba Regulator Package
Scuba Regulator Package
Brand: Oceanic
List Price: $869.00
Price: $736.00
Brand: Oceanic
List Price: $869.00
Price: $736.00
  • Limited Life Time Warranty.
  • Free Parts fro Life with your annual service.
  • The price for these packages includes GST.
  • Carries our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Free Delivery within Australia

    The Free Parts for life program only applies to product purchaced in Australia. On a complete package the Free parts is woth approximately $900.

  • Upto 12 Months Interest Free With zipMoney

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    Whether you are new to the sport of scuba diving or are a seasoned professional, a scuba gear package is the most economical way to buy your dive equipment. At the same time, you ensure that the equipment is balanced in terms of performance and comfort.

    The Oceanic and Aeris range of dive gear is our premium brand of scuba equipment, offering 5 years unlimited dives warranty on the dive computer range and a limited lifetime warranty on the remainder of the scuba gear and equipment in the package.

    Also included with the Oceanic and Aeris range of scuba gear is a free annual service parts for life. Base on a 10-year lifespan of the equipment package, the cost of the annual service parts exceed $900 and represents a significant saving.


    All Oceanic and Aeris comprising regulators, octopus regulators (ocy), buoyancy compensators (BCs), wings and analogue gauges, when purchased from Abyss Scuba Diving, under normal recreational use, are provided with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to cover against any defects in materials and workmanship. Digital instrumentation is provided with a 5 year Limited Warranty.

    Warranty does not extend to cover damage from accident, abuse, tampering, lack of maintenance, theft or loss. Service or modifications by any person or persons other than an authorized Aeris dealership voids the warranty. Oceanic will not be responsible for recovery or replacement of the product in the event of loss or theft. The regulator comes with free service parts for life.

    The following conditions apply:

    • The product must be registered with Oceanic Australia within 30 days of purchase. This registration may be completed online or by completing and returning the Warranty Registration form provided by your authorised Oceanic dealer.
    • Failure to register your product will reduce your warranty status to 1 year, when purchased from an authorised dealer in Australia, under normal recreational use, and cover against any defects in materials and workmanship. The free service parts for life will not be applicable in this case.
    • All products must be serviced annually by an authorised Oceanic service technician. This agreement is null and void if such regular annual service is not performed.
    • Oceanic Australia and your authorised Oceanic dealer will provide all overhaul service parts at no charge. Any parts required other than overhaul service parts are the responsibility of the owner of the product serviced. These exceptions are LP hoses, swivel or hose end o-rings, mouthpieces, stress cracks due to spraying with aerosols, rubber deterioration due to excessive exposure or lack of maintenance, chrome loss, or corrosion.
    • All labour fees included in annual service are the responsibility of the owner of the product serviced.
    • The Parts for Life offer is non transferable and extends to the original purchaser only. It is void if the equipment was purchased from anyone other than an authorised Oceanic dealer in Australia.
    • To maintain this Parts for Life offer, you must show proof of purchase and proof of authorised annual service. If returned for service, your product should be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.

    Choosing the correct regulator is always important, as the regulator is the major limitation in defining the diving you are going to go. The best advice is to buy the best regulator you can afford as ease of breathing is a major controller while diving.

    Oceanic EOS Scuba Regulator

    Oceanic EOS regulator

    The Oceanic EOS regulator has achieved an incredible feat lifelike breathing. Oceanic's gifted team of design engineers has included effortless breathing, inhalation effort adjustments, and comfortable second stage swivels and orthodontic mouthpieces into a regulator that you can hold in the palm of your hand. The Eos is our instructors choice.

    Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 Regulator (with DVT)

    Delta 4 FDX10

    The Delta 4 FDX10 is ready to take on all challengers with improved performance, new features & styling.

    Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator (with DVT)

    GT3/ CDX5 Regulator.

    The GT-3 CDX5 scuba regulator puts you in total control with it's patented Dynamic Adjustment Feature. Coupled with Dry Valve Technology in the CDX5 this is a great combination.

    Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Regulator

    Oceanic Alpha 9

    The Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 regulator is the top-performing regulator in its class, and one of the most affordably priced regulators you can buy. The perfect regulator for the diver who is always going to dive less than 18m


    A personal dive computer is your best friend. Whether monitoring your depth, duration of an underwater adventure, calculating nitrogen absorption or measuring air supply. Abyss Scuba Diving has a wide range of dive computers from wrist dive computers, console dive computers, hose-less dive computers or just basic depth and pressure gauges.

    Oceanic OC1 Dive Computer


    The OC1 is an all-in-one dive computer featuring a precision digital compass, dot matrix display, and so much more. SmartGlo backlighting and audible alarms keep you current when every second counts

    Oceanic VT4.1 Dive Computer


    The Oceanic VT4.1 wrist dive computer is a member of the air intergrated family featuring Dual Algorithm allowing 4 nitrox mix capabilities and 3-Axis Digital Compass with Full Tilt Compensation.

    Oceanic Atom 3.1 Dive Computer

    Atom 3.1

    The ATOM 3.1 dive computer is equally at home when worn with wetsuit or a three-piece suit. Don't be deceived by its easy to read display and intuitive user interface -- this small format powerhouse delivers all the bells and whistles

    Veo 1.0 Navcom.

    The Oceanic Veo 1.0 is a solid basic dive computer designed for air or single gas nitrox mixes up to 50 %. The Navcom comes with a compass and pressure gauge


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