Solomon Island Dive Holiday

Solomon Island Dive Holiday

A Solomon Islands diving holiday offers both wreck and reef diving in generally rustic style accommodation. The water in the Solomon Islands is warm and visibility is great.


The Solomon Islands is an exotic wonderland of varied landscapes, rich in cultural and biological diversity. The Solomon Islands is a diving holiday destinations and is not often visited by the average tourist. The way of life is untouched by 20th century development and tourism, The Solomon Islands offer visitors a feast of unique experiences and adventures.


The Solomon Islands is a chain of islands located 1860 kilometers to the North-East of Australia. Shaped by earthquakes and volcanic activity thousands of years ago, the Solomons consist of 922 islands, 350 of these are uninhabited.

Most of the population live in small villages and follow traditional cultures and lifestyles with hunting, fishing, carvings, handcrafts and subsistence farming being their main activities. The Solomon Islanders are a shy but friendly people who will make the visitor to their Islands feel most welcome.

Climate: Average daytime temperatures of 26-33 degrees Celsius, down to 22-30 degrees Celsius at night. The southeast trade winds blow from April to October. This time of the year is characterised by fine, dry weather. December to March is the "wet" season - the northwest monsoon. These months are warmer, more humid and experience the occasional tropical shower. Water Tempgenerally ranges from 27-31 degrees Celsius.