Southerland Point

Southerland Point
Southerland Point
Nestled between Monument and Steps, Sutherland Point (anlso known as Inscription Point) can be an intersting alternative to the two, if not considered as another exit point from the former. A prime site for locating the fascinating Weedy Sea Dragon, Sutherland Point has a unique attraction in the form of a trio of blind sharks. This is an extremly intersting site which always shows up something new.

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The Moument


The site is quite shallow until you reach the sandy floor, with scattered boulders and stands of kelp the encountered terrain. Head due north from the entry to reach the shark cave. At the end of a large section of kelp you'll find the wall and the mouth of the cave. The cave is approximately 5m/15ft deep and 1.5m/5ft high. At what appears to be the end of the cave is a small opening - here the cave recreates its outer dimensions and it's here the sharks dwell. Lure them out with frozen pilchards and patience, be prepared to use up to ten minutes of air and take a torch!

Heading east along the wall for approximately 50 metres will bring you to quite a long zigzagged swimthrough. This can also be found by heading northeast from the entry point to a large boulder flanked by two smaller rocks amongst which is a long iron bar. This bar points in the direction of the swimthough, which is another 20 metres or so northeast.


Entry and exit

At the dive site there is a conspicuous "No collecting" sign. Stand directly in front of this sign facing the water (North). Just to the right of the Point you'll notice a clearing amongst the row of rocks. One rock is set in the middle of this clearing, this being the entry and exit point. The rock serves as a convenient form of protection when donning and doffing your fins. Use the sign as a bearing when locating the exit point. Take care to swim torwards the exit point from the east (keep the exit on your right) as to avoid the heavily channelled bedrock to the west of the exit point.

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