Stay Warm While Diving

Stay Warm While Diving

Winter is the best time of the year to dive. Generally the seas are flatter and the vis is a lot better. The flat seas allows us to do more sites, sites that can rarely be done in summer like voodoo, cape solander and shark point. The marine life changes bringing the loved Port Jackson sharks out, cuttlefish mating and even the whales migrate.


So don’t cut back your diving due to the cold weather. Enjoy the great diving season and just rug up to over come the cold.


Thermalution : By far the best way to maximise your comfort and warmth.
- wear some nice warm gloves. Maybe upgrade to a thicker winter pair of. Your hands have a big surface area for heat loss. Keep them warm.


Hoods & vests- Invest in a hood or even better a hooded vest. For maximum warmth get the themal advantages of a Merino lined hood or hooded vest..

A bennie to put on your head between dives will make a big difference.


Socks- If you find your little feet are getting cold in your boots, maybe they are getting a little thin, dive socks may be what you need.
iDry Boots- If you want the ultimate in foot warmth thne invest in a pair of idry lined boots


Still feeling the cold? - Maybe it’s time for a new suit!

Wetsuits- the best suit you can get is a semidry. These suits allow a small amount of water in. they work by your body warming the water up and them it acting as an insulating layer. You do not want a continuing flow of water going through your suit as this takes the head away from your body.

Come on in treat yourself to a new suit if you are getting cold. It will make a big difference.


Dry Suit- By far the best way to stay warm and maximise your winter diving.