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Why Abyss Scuba Diving Has Made It So You Save More if You Buy In Our Store.

Abyss Scuba Diving - Save more, shop in store

Abyss Scuba Diving is a team of PADI Dive Instructors whose main aim is to maximize your diving enjoyment so that you will continue to dive and enjoy the underwater world.  The three key things to consider when purchasing dive gear is Fit, Comfort and Fitness for Purpose.


Remember, you are buying life support equipment. When you buy online it is difficult, if not impossible to ensure the gear you buy is ideal for you.

All the staff at Abyss Scuba Diving are PADI Instructors who have been trained as Scuba Gear Technicians and/or PADI Equipment Specialist Instructors. When you visit our shop in Ramsgate, our staff can help guide you in purchasing the most important items in your dive gear bag.

So many times we see divers dive the wrong gear and it means that they don't continue to dive because they were so disappointed. Come into our shop and let our dive experts help you with your needs. It's well worth the effort.

  • Our Instructors can make sure each and every item fits you correctly. From dive masks and fins to BCs and wetsuits, the fit is the most important consideration. After you're sure an item of gear fits you properly, you can worry about details such as colour, pockets, D-rings, etc.
  • Our Expert Instructors will help you buy the right product for the type of diving you do. For example, they'll know how much buoyant lift your BC needs to handle the water temperatures, what exposure protection to wear and your weighting needs. Understanding the type of diving you do will enable the staff to outfit you from head to toe, so you know you'll be comfortable and safe once you dive in it.
  • Manufacturers train our Instructors, so they are experts on their product. The Abyss Instructors can point out all the features, and even show you advantages and disadvantages between similar models. With this kind of expertise at your disposal, you can have confidence in your purchases that they are best for your specific needs.
  • To encourage you to buy instore rather than be disappointed online, we have set our price structure so the if you buy in-store you will save even more than you will from our online store.

  Abyss Scuba Diving Instructors can help point out all the features of products.  If you would like a detailed and personalized advice the make use of our FREE Expert Consultation Services.
  • Our Equipment Technicians assemble and test your life-support equipment, such as regulators and BCs, to ensure proper functioning and calibration.
  • Our Equipment Technicians will show you how to properly maintain the gear to ensure years of safe and fun diving. We will also advise you on maintenance schedules for gear, such as regulators, and send you reminders when your gear is due for maintenance to avoid voiding your warranty,
  • In addition to the personalized sales and customer service support you get, you'll also get service/warranty support. This is a significant investment you're making, don't buy gear without a warranty.
The bottom line: The PADI Instructors at Abyss Scuba Diving will help you determine what's the best gear for you and your type of diving at the same time you will save even more if you buy in our store.