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Marek & Veronika on 17/11/2009 10:29:10 PM

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Comments: I wanted to thank you Abyss team (Rachel) for helping me to organise and book this fantastic trip. Diving at Tulagi is serious diver's experience. Lots of deep and wreck dives in crystal clear water. USS Aron Ward is the pinnacle. UEPI island is just paradise on earth with fantastic snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking you name it.... We were looked after by all staff so well that it was difficult to come back to reality :) Recommending to anyone who likes adventures and non touristy destinations. Perfect place to get engaged like we did :) worth every $$

"Manta ray dive – unbelievable!"

Wilhelmina Gardner on 18/9/2007 9:42:33 AM

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Comments: Dear Rachael, May I congratulate you on the way you lead our diving party. It was excellent. You did a great job; made sure everybody listened, did what you believed had to be done, all activities you could control were on time, all participants enjoyed themselves, most of all me. Especially the second Manta ray dive – unbelievable! It was also great to see that all of us got along so well.


Derek Morton on 1/7/2007 6:17:51 PM

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Comments: A couple of years ago I went with a small mob to Maravagi. Dave & Anne McIlwain were then running the dive shop - they have since returned to Oz. The Maravagi 'resort' is set in a bay on the small island of Mangalonga, aka Mana, at the western end of the Florida Islands group, across Iron Bottom Sound from Guadalcanal - accessed via 'canoe' from Honiara. There is good shore diving right outside the resort, day and night. Close by are various tiny islands with interesting sites - a crayfish cave with a very small entrance, the Pyramid, Passage Rock, etc. etc. - and at the northern end of the channel which separates Mangalonga from the next island to the east, manta rays gather in the strong tidal current. Further east, Sandfly Passage usually has a hefty current running, allowing a fast drift dive along a near-vertical rock wall. All these sites have excellent coral (the huge gorgonian fans are especially impressive) and many critters, including sharks. Nearly all sites have coral shallows to finish the dive in relaxing style. The water temperature stays around the high twenties celsius, and a lycra suit is all that's needed. Further east still is Twin Tunnels, a deservedly famous site, and various wrecks from WWII, including USS Kanawha, the destroyer USS Aaron Ward (this one needs deep and deco experience) and Japanese flying boats. I can heartily reccomend a trip to Maravagi.