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Abyss Dry Bag 20l

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Everybody eventually learns that when you're out on a dive boat, or even on a beach dive, while your immediate goal is to be wet, your long-term goal is to be dry again. And the best way to ensure that happens is to stow your after-dive street clothes, jackets, wallets and whatnots in a dry bag specifically designed to keep its contents dry in a wet environment.

This Dry Bag is suited for stowing one thin jacket, an extra T-shirt or two and a towel, plus a camera and bagged lunch. The opening is a tad small, which prohibits packing bulky gear. The bag uses a fold-and-roll closure, with a short overflap to help protect against seepage and a strip of one-inch webbing to aid in a tight roll. The bag doesn't have any handles, but once the clips are connected, you can grab onto that.

After putting four rolls in the opening and clipping it together, the Dry Pak successfully defended its name. It easily resisted water intrusion during both spray and dunk tests. The Dry Pak is available in yellow or clear. Available in both red and black and comes with a shoulder strap for ease of carrying.


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