Suunto Ocean Dive Computer

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Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch - Unleash Your Adventure

Introducing the Suunto Ocean, a groundbreaking dive computer and sports watch designed for adventurers who seek the perfect blend of functionality and style. Dive into the details below to discover how this exceptional device redefines exploration both below and above the surface.

Unlocking Dual Functionality
Main Headline: Some Call it a Dive Computer/Sports Watch
Tagline/Signature: Suunto Ocean. Dive and Sports Combined.

Concept Description
Embrace the dual nature of the Suunto Ocean as it seamlessly transitions from a high-performance dive computer to a reliable sports companion. Highlighting its features both underwater and on land, this innovative device is your ultimate adventure partner.

Product Description
Dive into the Depths
Experience unparalleled readability and usability with the vibrant color display of the Suunto Ocean. Dive enthusiasts will revel in its dedicated dive modes for scuba, technical diving, freediving, and snorkeling. Monitor tank pressure, gas consumption, and more directly from your wrist with the Suunto Tank POD integration. Stay safe with customizable alarms and explore with confidence.

Rise to New Heights
Transition effortlessly from dives to daily activities with over 95 sport modes catering to every fitness enthusiast. Track your steps, heart rate, calories, sleep stages, and recovery metrics with precision. Navigate with ease using detailed offline maps, top-tier GNSS tracking, and accurate altitude readings. The Suunto Ocean adapts to your adventures with up to 40 hours of diving or outdoor GPS tracking on a single charge.

Stay Connected
Connect to the Suunto app for a comprehensive overview of your dives, exercises, and daily logs. Benefit from wireless software updates and a groundbreaking feature that allows you to view your underwater route in the logbook. Designed and trusted by professionals, the Suunto Ocean is crafted in Finland with 100% renewable energy.

Key Highlights

  • Dive Modes for Various Activities
  • Wireless Tank Pressure Support
  • Extended Battery Life for Continuous Tracking
  • Suunto App Integration for Seamless Data Management
  • Underwater Route Exploration in Suunto App
  • Sleek Design with a Large Color Display
  • Free Offline Maps for Global Exploration
  • Diverse Sport Modes Tailored to Your Needs
  • Crafted in Finland with Sustainability in Mind

Unleash the full potential of your adventures with the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch. Dive deeper, explore further, and elevate your experiences with this versatile and reliable companion.


Let's dive deeper into the remarkable features that make the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch a must-have companion for adventurers exploring both below and above the surface.

Unmatched Dive Functionality

Experience the cutting-edge dive modes tailored for single tank dives with air or nitrox, along with multigas support catering to technical diving enthusiasts. Freedivers and snorkelers can also take advantage of dedicated modes designed to enhance their underwater experiences. Stay informed with customizable alarms ensuring safety at every depth.


Ultimate Sports Tracking

With over 95 diverse sport modes at your disposal, the Suunto Ocean adapts seamlessly to various activities, whether it's trail running, cycling, swimming, or yoga. Monitor your heart rate, steps, calories, and sleep patterns directly from your wrist, empowering you to optimize your training and recovery effectively.

Premium Outdoor Features

Navigate confidently with free offline maps accessible globally and precise location tracking courtesy of the top-tier GNSS system. Stay ahead of changing weather conditions with the barometer providing accurate altitude readings and storm alarms, ensuring you're prepared for any outdoor adventure.


Innovative Design and Functionality

  • Vibrant Color Display: Immerse yourself in the vivid 1.43" color display, offering exceptional readability in all conditions.

  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy up to 40 hours of continuous diving or outdoor GPS tracking on a single charge, providing the freedom to explore without interruption.

  • Wireless Connectivity: Seamlessly sync your data between the Suunto app and watch, allowing you to access all your dive logs, training progress, and daily activity insights in one place.

Connectivity and Sustainability

  • Suunto App Integration: Access all your dive and sports data conveniently through the Suunto app, including the groundbreaking feature that lets you view your underwater routebeta post-dive.

  • Renewable Energy: Crafted in Finland with 100% renewable energy, the Suunto Ocean is designed, tested, and trusted by professionals in the dive and sports industries.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience

  • Tank Pressure Monitoring: Pair your Suunto Ocean with the Tank POD before diving to monitor tank pressure and gas consumption directly from your wrist.

  • Customizable Alarms: Benefit from color-coded warnings and configurable alarms for tank pressure, depth, and dive time, ensuring a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

Unleash the full potential of your adventures with the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch, where innovation meets reliability to elevate your exploration both underwater and on land.


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