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Scuba Gear Care Pack

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Correct storage and maintance of your scuba gear is critical in maximising it's life and ensuring your fun and safety. This Scuba Gear Care Package is desigened to ensure you get the most from your gear and is recomended to anyone who purchaces a set of scuba gear.

Regulator Bag

Protects your regulator


Store and dry your Scuba equipment properly

Aquaseal FE Repair Kit

Field repair of BCD's / Wetsuits and Drysuits

Silicone Spray

Lubricates and conditions O-Rings / Rubber / Neoprene - Protects against Rust, Corrosion, Oxidation and Salt

BCD Cleaner

Removes Salt Crystals and Bactria from inside BCD - Conditions External material

Multi Tool

Field repairs on your Scuba equipment - includes O-Ring pick / Spanner / Allen key / Schrader valve tool / Valve tool / Screw drivers

Regulator Bag

Protects your regulator

O-Ring Holder

Standard size tank O-Rings help save a dive